//I want to know what they would be saying to each other.

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Lands "Chirp!"




He bent his knees and looked rather dorky but he was also biting his lip. and deep in thought now. Then he  gestured to his assistants who all tried to at least  throw a large  net at the creature. Oh he wanted this and he would use all the tech in his abilities to try and get it. He was also oddly quiet for once. He had no idea if it was sentient but if it was his translator would have even able to tell him what it was saying in the first place.


She could never be caught though perhaps it was time for her to die again. She had laid an egg back in the cave on her island. The twins knew she was near her time again also. They had both stayed on earth. She had come alone knowing this would be her last. She chirped at the people around her and beat her wings a few times. Showering those around her with her scales that looked like a yellow powder. It was used as a last ditch effort for her life. 

It would asphyxiate her enemy normally. The last thing she did was reach out to the one who ordered her captured through a mind link. “I can not be held and I can not be captured. I am forever and always reborn just as a phoenix. I am a divine moth and a guardian of Earth. My children will take my place.” 

Luckily for his people she was within a force field in his ship and they were in an area that allowed them to be blocked by such thing and the barrier detected a hostile element in the air. So he evacuated the loading dock she was in and let  the precaution doors shut around her.

She had died already but had called for backup. The fairies and her child knew what happened. They heard the call and would be their soon. The divine beings could not be held by someone like him. It was not allowed.

"Godzilla help me!"

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This fucker haunted me for years I ain’t risking shit

just fucking return the slab eustace you piece of shit



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Possible Tom (aka Loki) vs Godzilla match going on in the future, maybe? 

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"If you were mine I’d….." Finish it in my ask.

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